Writing Fairy Tales Through Collages

Writing Fairy Tales Through Collages

At first glance, the work of artist Morgana Wallace looks like an illustration that tells about mythology and fairy tales from various places. When you look deeper, he actually uses a paper-cutting technique, not an illustration.

As a child, Victoria Morgana loved Egyptian and Greek mythology and folk tales such as King Arthur. He always pretends to make himself as a character in the story. As a result, the habit of making himself the character continues into adulthood. He makes creations from paper and makes the characters in the story. The reason is simple, he cannot write it. So he chose to make it.

Usually, the paper cutting technique uses a cutter, but what Morgana uses is monotyping, a printmaking technique in which a person makes a painting or drawing on a smooth surface (usually glass). Then, the image is transferred to paper using a printer. The reason Morgana does monotyping with paper is that it allows her to explore paper into something she wants.

What Morgana does is like a collage on a photo. It’s just that he uses paper as a medium. If he is wrong or not satisfied with his work, he can just replace it with another piece of paper. If you imagine making clouds that are layered. Compared to other media, Morgana admits that the paper-cutting technique is not spontaneous and sometimes feels monotonous. However, this challenge is what appeals to him, and is far outweighed by how the final product looks under glass and the interaction of layers of paper.

His works often involve Valkyries, dragons, sorcerers, queens, and all things fantasy. Interesting. When someone can’t translate what he likes writing, he looks for ways to make it in another way. Like what Morgana did, because she couldn’t write down the characters, she made them in the form of a unique picture collage.

There are always ways to express creativity, right?

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