Painting of The Card Players – Paul Cezanne is The Most Expensive Painting In the World

Painting of The Card Players – Paul Cezanne is The Most Expensive Painting In the World

Gambler Paul Cezanne
Even before the emir from Qatar obtained the Gauguin painting, in 2011 he bought the work of Paul Cézanne “The Card Players”, which was created by 1892-1893 “Card Players” was part of a cycle of five entries. Until 2015, the painting remains the most expensive painting in the world that has been offered for sale in the past one and a half centuries.

Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) – French painter, a bright representative of impressionism. Cezanne’s artistic heritage is more than 800 works in oil, not including watercolor and other works. No one can count the number of works destroyed, as imperfect, by the artist himself for many years of his career. Recognition was received 2 years before his death when in 1904 his exhibition was held in Paris.

In his work, the artist tries to reconcile classics and modernity, nature, the law of great style, and the right to individual choice. The task that Cezanne set for herself, in principle, was impractical, which had determined the artist’s doubts. This painting was contested between the biggest sportsbook agent in South-East Asia to be the prize. It’s surprising that gambling in South-East Asia has grown in rapid movements, such as the online sportsbook site which in 2018 shows positive movement in terms of a variety of products and technology.

Cezanne wants her models to remain silent like apples, and dream of surprising all of Paris with an apple. The main task of Cezanne has always been considered to understand the essence of object form – to do it more reliably and efficiently, when objects do not distract artists with fussiness and change in posture. The subject’s world in the artist’s painting is alive. Apples, peaches, jugs – objects with soul and inner emanations.

The artists’ early works were distinguished by rich and dark palettes. He was bright when Cezanne began working with Impressionist Camille Pissarro. And his passion for watercolors in the last years of his life turned oil paintings into transparent ones, according to

The most famous paintings by Paul Cezanne: “Card Players”, “Great Baths”, “Mount Saint-Victoire”, “Still Life with Apples and Oranges”, “Man with a Pipe”, “Still Life with a Plaster Cupid” .

Interesting facts

  • Most likely, games in pictures are not for money, because they are not represented in one of them. Some suggested that the calm expression on the faces of the players and the lack of money on the table indicated that characters might play gin.
  • One of the “Card Player” paintings in 2011 sold for a record amount of $ 250 million at that time. The canvas was obtained by the Qatari royal family from Greek prominent figure Georgy Embirikos.
  • One of the “Player on card” paintings was stolen in 1961 right during the exhibition in Paris, along with several other paintings. The details of the painting’s return were unclear: some sources claimed that they were returned after paying a ransom after a few months, others that the stolen works were found a year later in a abandoned car in Marseille.
  • To show the print of the possible loss of this painting, a stamp was published in France dedicated to the theft of a painting.
  • Canvas serves as inspiration for the creation of a series of 9 cartoon “Dogs Playing Poker” by American artist Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.

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