Nadya Rusheva, Young and Talented Soviet Artist Who Died at Age 17

Nadya Rusheva, Young and Talented Soviet Artist Who Died at Age 17

His artworks are exhibited throughout the world, and he leaves behind more than 10,000 paintings, drawings, and illustrations of classical literature. Unfortunately, he died at a very young age.

Nadya Rusheva’a’s father was a theater artist, and maybe he never imagined that one day he would spend his life savings on promoting his daughter’s artistic heritage rather than his work.

To become an artist, Nikolay Rushev was invited to the Tuva Music Theater, in Siberia. And there, he met Tuva’s first ballerina named Natalia Ajikmaa (his future wife). In 1950, they moved to the city of Ulan-Bator in Mongolia, and Nikolay continued to work as a theater artist while Natalia began teaching ballet.

In 1952, Ajikmaa gave birth to Nadya, and soon they moved to Moscow. For a long time, the couple did not teach Nadya to read or write because they did not want to fix it and let it develop itself. At the age of 5, Nadya began to draw on her own.


The couple read him many books, and Nikolay even remembered that when he told the tale of Tsar Saltan from Alexander Pushkin, Nadya managed to draw 35 illustrations of the story, and all of them looked good.

In 1964, Yunost, one of the leading magazines in the Soviets, published Nadya paintings. The magazine also holds exhibitions in several regions namely, Moscow, Leningrad, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and India.

Nadya was very interested in literature and made illustrations for essays such as Eugene Onegin, War and Peace, Master and Margarita, and so on.

Meeting of Bacchus and Nymph

In her memoir, her father remembers that he read Tolstoy’s novel when he was 13 years old.

“Three years later, there were 400 drawings and sketches in his file,” he wrote. After watching the film adaptation of the story of Tolstoy produced by Italy-US, Nadya idolized actors and actresses such as Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda, and Mel Ferrer.

Yelena, the wife of the famous Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, saw Nadya’s work from Master and Margarita, which made her truly captivated. Nikolay even wrote that Nadya drew a Margarita figure very similar to Yelena, who was a prototype of Margarita, without seeing it.

Mother of the World for Peace

Nadya then plans to make illustrations for the works of William Shakespeare, Alexander Blok, Mikhail Lermontov, and many others.

But on March 6, 1969, while at school, Nadya lost consciousness and died from a brain hemorrhage.

Master and Margarita

She is a simple and quiet schoolboy, with extraordinary talent and enthusiasm. Nadya was supposed to be 66 years old on January 31 yesterday.

Her father has retained his son’s talent inheritance, and since her death, he has held many exhibitions throughout the world and published a book of paintings and a memoir from Nadya.

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