11 Important Things about Spot Instagrammable at MoJa Museum

11 Important Things about Spot Instagrammable at MoJa Museum

For all millenials who like photos and uploads on Instagram, there is a new instagrammable spot in the Pondok Indah area, which has the name MoJa Museum. Only 600 meters from Pondok Indah Mall 2, MoJa Museum is an attractive art space that tells you to explore space after space.

MoJa stands for the Museum of Jakarta. Occupying a classic residence location in the Pondok Indah area, the MoJa Museum transforms the 2nd floor into a maze. The design was created with the latest trends and consists of a number of rooms with different themes. The MoJa Museum is designed by six talented young people with diverse backgrounds, like art history and business.

Here are 10 urgent things about the MoJa Museum that you need to know before coming there:

1. Divided into 14 rooms

On a floor area of ​​700 square meters, the MoJa Museum elevates the cinema or cinema theme. MoJa Museum has thematic rooms inspired by famous films, like Captain Snowman’s Underpants, Flower Gump, (500) Seats of Summer, Charlie and the Millennial Pink Candy Room and still not a few more.

Make sure you feel every room, because the MoJa Museum is a one way trip museum or not allowed to go back to the previous room.

2. We can touch, draw, and even jump in this museum

In contrast to museums in general, we are welcome to engage in activities as exciting as possible, but still guard the property and calm down.

3. There are always surprises

For all visitors who have sprung up in the 1980s and 1990s, the MoJa Ready Player room will definitely bring nostalgia in childhood. This room is designed as an arcade with four toy options, like Mega Man ,Mario Bros, Street Fighter  and Pokemon. Unfortunately, this game is merely a demo video.

Because MoJa is a Museum of Jakarta, there are a number of iconic images that represent Indonesia, especially Jakarta. Like the picture of Monas and Es Cendol in The Godfather’s Red Room

4. Spot #OOTD that you should look forward to

The 14 rooms that are the most unique MoJa Museum. Some of them have backgrounds and angles that are very suitable for Instagram feeds, like Colorception, Cloud with a Swing of Happiness, and School of Disco Colorception.

5. Tickets can be purchased on the spot

Entrance tickets for MoJa are opened from Rp. 90,000 to Rp. 125,000. MoJa Museum’s operational hours are divided into three sessions, namely 11.00-13.30, 14.00-16.30, and 17.00-19.00. MoJa Museum starts every day and is very easy to find on the Metro Pondok Indah protocol road.

6. There are limits to the times in each room

As in the location of The Pursuit of Butter, there is one ball bearing similar to a popcorn package that you can dive into as much as you like, but the MoJa Museum staff will give you only 3 minutes. Some different areas were given 10 minutes to avoid the queues that were too long.

7. Representation of brands as sponsors

MoJa Museum is sponsored by the Marie Regal brand, Oasis mineral water, Snowman, and Lion Parcel. Creatively, all inhouse designers create a theme space that represents the brand. Sponsored by the Snowman marker brand, the location of Captain Snowman’s Underpants tells you to draw and paint the mural wall with a giant marker. Create your work and you can’t forget to capture it on social media.

8. Appropriate outfit

CASA Indonesia recommends that you wear clothes as comfortable as possible, edgy for #OOTD, and try not to wear skirts. Many activities at MoJa Museum are like playing a cradle on the Cloud with a Swing of Happiness, mirroring the floor of the School of Disco, bathing the ball at The Pursuit of Butter, and lying down on the bean bag Catch Me if Lion Can, will feel more comfortable if you can freely move.

The last one, can’t miss the blower at the Marie Me location! sponsored by Marie Regal. With gusts of wind from below, you will be surrounded by pieces of Marie Regal packaging that fly with the thrill.

9. Only starts until January 2019

It is planned that the MoJa Museum will process the theme every 3 months and the location can be switched from Pondok Indah, so make sure you cannot miss this Instagrammable location.

10. Prepare a decent battery or power bank

MoJa Museum allows you to take as many portraits as you like in the period specified in each room, so make sure your gadget and camera are fully charged.

11. Free souvenirs

MoJa Museum delivers small snacks that you can enjoy while in the room, like candy, popcorn, jelly beans, and biscuits. Some of you can take it home, whereas there is one room that only allows you to consume it in place.

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